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No Smoking !
Editors' note

Vahe Gérard, president of his family's small but globally recognized cigar shop in Geneva, proffers this prediction: "We will have fewer and fewer smokers, but we will have more and more people who degust, who really taste with enjoyment". In his experience previous generations of men wielded cigars "to show on which level of society they belonged," whereas today 'people have much more knowledge than before, and they want quality". And Gérard, who truly seems to understand and appreciate cigars, is prepared to supply that perfection. "We are not businessmen," he explains, but rather "artisans, and very close to the product". The president furder likens himself to an adviser, a quality-control "censor," and, ultimately, a "dream maker", because "after a day when you've worked hard, and after a nice dinner, you light your cigar, and this Commerce, military service, and several months spent at Dunhill in London.

Gérard is a family business, you have a small shop in the Noga Hilton in Geneva, and yet you are doing business all over the world. How did this happen?
Because even though the shop is small, the quality is big. And 1 think this is the main thing we're working on every day: to prove that we can make a better quality product. Don't forget gives you so much enjoyment".
The son of parents of Armenian descent, Gérard entered the family firm following studies at the Ecole Supérieure de that a cigar is a living product. It is something that needs care, patience, also a lot of love to work. We are not businessmen, and we will never be businessmen, because with this kind of product, you cannot be businessmen. Otherwise, you do not understand the product.
We give a lot of time to our cigars. And when the cigar is ready to be, not smoked, but degusted, it's like when you go to a Michelin three-star restaurant and you just dream about what you're going to eat. I think in some sense we are dream makers, and it is not only a product we offer, but it is the dream also.
Twenty-five years ago people were smoking cigars just to show on which level of society they belonged. Today the real cigar smoker is an epicure. You can not imagine how people talk about cigars. Twenty-five years ago the only things they knew were a long size and a shorter size, and a light wrapper or dark wrapper. Today they talk to you about the taste, about the spiciness, about the woodsy quality, about the aromatics, about the draw, about the shape. And today we have much younger people also, and we have ladies who smoke cigars, and I think that's what we have tried to do during our 40 years. Next year will be 40 years of our company - father, sons - but what is very important is that we're still artisans, and very close to the product.

You specialize in Cuban cigars?
Yes, and handmade only. We do produce and sell some other brands, but in very small quantities.

What about all the rumors that the Havana cigar quality has fallen? Is that true?
The quality has been always very difficult to find. We cannot forget a cigar is something that comes from the land. The tobacco can be affected by weather, rains, sickness, animals, by a lot of things, so I think that to make quality, it is still difficult. And it is more difficult because I would say, 25 years ago only 25 or 30 percent of all the smokers had knowledge of cigars, and knew what they selecting. Today it's maybe 70, 75 percent.

But that also means a great deal more business.
The thing is, we have to be a censor. If we increase production too much, we may lose quality even more.

And you are careful as far as the quality of each batch?
We select all our boxes - everything in person, and evenrything is checked here again afterward.

And you age them in Geneva?
Yes, but that depends on which ones. Some cigars need more aging, some less. And when they are perfect, silky, smell good, we start to put them on the market.

You must have a humidor the size of Harrods to hold all these cigars.
No, but they are very well protected. And the most difficult thing is not to find the cigars or to store the cigars, but to age them properly so that we can have very good quality. Because, one time more, I think people have much more knowledge than before, and they want quality. People are ready to pay the prices, but thev want quality at the end of the line.

Which is the best-selling Havana cigar?
All of them, when they are good.
But there is still a big difference between a Montecristo, a Punch, a Cohiba. All have very different tastes.
That's also our job, to tell you, "No, this will be better for you." We've also written three different books. The Connoisseur's Guide to Having a Cigar was very welcome because nobody had done a book like this before. Then we wrote Havana Cigar, and we just finished the third book, which is an update of The Connoisseur's Guide to Having A Cigar, with all the new brands. We talk about smell, taste, aromatics, every characteristic of every cigar, and I think those kinds of books help the consumer.

What will happen if the United States opens its borders again to Cuba? Will this affect your cigar trade?
No, I don't think this will affect our cigar trade. In the beginning we may find a boom, because it's now almost 40 years that America hasn't had Cuban cigars. But afterward things will go back to where they were. But Cuba has to be prepared to produce more cigars.

Can they, while keeping up the quality?
This is the big question mark. And I think the company that tomorrow is able to have high-quality products will always have a market. If you lose the quality, you may lose your consumers.

What about companies in the United States that have taken the names like Montecristo and are selling non-Cuban cigars under them?
This is very official. They produce the tobacco in Santo Domingo, and they can sell it in America with those trademarks. I think that there is some arrangement between those companies and the Cuban companies, but they cannot trade these products in Europe, for example, where the Cubans are dealing. Otherwise, this would be a mess for the consumer. But as those products are made only for America, until now there haven't been any troubles. There are no fake cigars made in Santo Domingo, but every year we do find on the market a lot of cigars that are completely fake, so this is a problem.

How can you tell they're fake, until you smoke them?
If you are a professional, you can see. Those fake cigars are no good; they taste really awful. That's why people one time, maybe two times, buy these, they lose their money, and after that they go back to people who are able to advise them properly and supply them with a truly good product.

You smoke how many cigars a day?
I don't smoke.

You don't smoke at all?
No, this is not smoking. This is degustation, which is not the same thing.

So what do you call it instead of smoking a cigar?
Degusting a cigar.

How many cigars do you degust a day?
Four, five, it depends on the day, my mood. One thing I am sure of is that the best one is the first one in the morning. I'm ready to give up all my cigars but that one in the morning.

How do you keep your teeth clean when you degust cigars?
I brush them every day. And I eat apples sometimes. It's good for the health; it's good for the teeth.

Some people smoke a lot cigars and their teeth get brown.
It depends on the tobacco you smoke. It also depends if the people keep their cigars in the mouth, between the teeth. Myself, I don't chew cigars. Chewing the tobacco gives you an acidity in the stomach, which is not so good.

What about all these rumors about getting cancer from cigar smoke?
First of all, I'm not a doctor, but I will say that the mentality of the cigarette smoker is not the same one as the mentality of the cigar smoker, and even the pipe smoker is another mentality. We have three kinds of human beings, all completely different. The cigarette smoker is most of the time someone who needs tobacco. And the pipe smoker smokes in solitude. The cigar world is more convivial, more epicurean, and I don't think that this will damage your life. Do not forget that 500 years ago we used this tobacco for medicines. This tobacco came back from the Caribbean Islands with Columbus in 1492, and the first thing we did was not to make cigarettes or cigars, but to make medicines. And the cigar is, I would say, still a kind of medicine. After a day when you've worked hard, and after a nice dinner, you light your cigar, and this gives you so much enjoyment, even if you are alone. I think this is very important.

And women are smoking cigars more and more?
More and more. It will take time, I think, but a woman has a palate, a sense of taste, just as a man has one. She just needs to be well advised. If you are not well advised, whether you are a lady or a man, you will not like the product. This is why we are working on this heavily.
We have had a market during the last years for milder cigars, smoother-tasting cigars. Some people may not like these because their taste is already mature, so I will not sell them these products. But for the beginners, for the ladies, they like to start with something smooth. So I think this will be a very good market for the coming years.

And what does your wife think of all this?
My wife thinks it's excellent. About a week ago we went here in Switzerland to a two-star restaurant, and she had a nice cigar after dinner, and I had one with her. And she was tasting the cigar with great pleasure. And I think this is where, step by step, we are going. We will have fewer and fewer smokers, but we will have more and more people who degust, who really taste with enjoyment.
Some people go to the movies, some other ones go to the theater, some people like to read a good book. And some people like to taste a good cigar to enjoy it. And as for the ladies, I say, instead of giving roses, I prefer. It's much more romantic.

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